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We have a wonderful crew to serve your pet’s needs. Owner, Liz Czak has over 40 years in the pet care field and is a graduate of the New York School of Dog Grooming. Liz has worked in grooming salons in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Master Pet Stylist, Meritus, Daryl Conner has over 25 years experience and is certified by the ISCC. Daryl is a featured speaker at grooming seminars and has been published in numerous trade publications. Daryl is now a Certified Master Cat Groomer with the Professional Cat Groomers Association of America and is also a Certifier with that organization.

Left to right, Cassie Carey, Groomer and Bathing/Prep Manager; Beth Delano, Office Manager and friendly receptionist; Daryl Conner, Groomer and Manager; Emma Theobalds, Bather/Prep; Sydney Anderson, Bather/Prep; Liz Czak, Groomer/Owner.

We are members of many national and regional grooming organizations including:
-National Dog Groomer's Association of America
-New England Pet Grooming Professionals
-Board of Professional Cat Groomers Association of America
-International Society of Canine Cosmetologists

Yankee Clipper Pet Grooming has been featured in national publications such as Pet Age Magazine, Pet Product News, and Grooming Business.

Mission Statement - To provide kind, safe, and professional grooming care to the animals entrusted to us. To treat all pets with their best interest at heart and in a manner in which their owners would approve. To remember that the owner’s trust in us is irreplaceable and to strive for all owners to be comfortable knowing that their beloved pet is in good hands and will be treated with respect. To make this a pleasant experience for both the pet and it’s owner. To have every dog happy when it comes in the door and every owner happy when they leave.

home     services     contact     about us     gallery    NEW groom room cam    NEW bathing room cam